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Jaipur Elephant Safari Tour

Duration: Half Day Tour (4-5 Hours)
Places of Interest:
Elephant Village Tour (Elephant Ride and fun activities with Elephant)

Elephant Village

The village is located on the outskirts of Jaipur, an elephant village in Amer is one of the most famous homes of elephants in Jaipur. Begin your trip from hotel by car in the morning with a warm traditional Rajasthani welcome at elephant village. Here you can feed bananas or sugarcanes to elephants. Stay time with elephants understanding there language, difference between Indian and African elephants and there medication and there behaviour. After spending some time with elephants you can enjoy paintings on elephant with natural colours and then go for a ride withou saddle. Here Mahout (Elephant driver) will teach you how to ride elephants through there nose and how to ride them without saddle. In the end of activity go for the most amazing activity that is showering, scrubbing and messaging the elephants.

Activities with Elephant

  • Elephant feeding
  • Elephant Ride and
  • Elephant paint

Things To Carry

  • Cozy clothes
  • An extra pair ofclothes and towel
  • Sunscreen lotion, skin moisturizers and ointments
  • A pair of sunglasses and camera (if necessary)


  • Be gentle and polite towards the Elephants; cruelty towards the animals is a punishable offense.
  • Pay heed to the tour guides.
  • Do not participate or encourage littering of the places in any form.
  • Avoid using plastic bags and opt for eco-friendly bags.
  • Never feed anything to animals without permission from the tour guide.
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